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3 Automotive Tube Purposes The place Weld Inspection is Essential

Tube fabricators are continuously confronted with a myriad of enterprise pressures to ship a top quality product at the very best value usually with tight supply schedules from their clients.

A few of these finish clients face their very own pressures as the usage of the tubes of their merchandise expose them to potential legal responsibility points.

No the place are these pressures as acute as within the automotive business, the place excessive paced manufacturing schedules, altering deliveries and onerous value and high quality calls for make for a difficult surroundings into which fabricators promote their merchandise.

High quality inspection programs such because the Xiris WI3000 laser in-line weld inspection system is an important instrument for probably the most demanding automotive tube product to see defects that aren’t.


Brake Traces

Automotive brake traces have advanced through the years from a double layer brazed tube to a single layer welded tube.

The change has been made largely to the top quality of the longitudinal welding course of in addition to superior high quality management instruments such because the Xiris WI3000 laser in-line inspection system.

Including an inspection system when fabricating such a tube is crucial for fabricators due to the security, sturdiness and regulatory compliance calls for of the business.

Within the subject, brake traces carry pressurized brake fluid, which is liable for transmitting hydraulic drive to the brake calipers or wheel cylinders.

Any weak point or failure within the welds may lead to a lack of brake fluid, resulting in brake failure, probably making a legal responsibility for the tube maker and their buyer.

Given these components, the welds on metal automotive brake traces are essential for the dependable and protected operation of the braking system. Making certain correct forming and weld processes are important to make sure the integrity and longevity of the welds within the subject.

Stainless Brake Line Tubes with fittings - courtesy JEGS

Stainless Brake Line Tubes with fittings

Gasoline Traces

Automotive gasoline traces are designed to hold flammable liquid gasoline below stress from the gasoline tank to the engine.

Any weak point or failure within the welds may end up in gasoline leakage, which poses a major security hazard within the subject.

A further problem with gasoline traces is how they’re designed into the automotive’s gasoline supply system. Generally, one gasoline line is related to a different gasoline line that makes use of clamps and a perforation to supply a secondary stream path.

The problem there’s for the clamp to work completely, it has to have an ideal seal across the tube. Any small scratch or floor defect may create a pathway for the gasoline to leak out of the clamp, probably inflicting failures within the subject.

The answer is to make use of an superior high quality management instrument such because the Xiris WI3000 to examine the tube on the level of welding to detect any floor defects which might be bigger than a suitable tolerance. Defects akin to a sunken or raised weld, weld undercut or mismatch may all create an undesirable pathway for liquid to stream.

A secondary inspection of all the floor of the finished gasoline line can be finished with the Xiris WI3000 for a similar causes, to search for important scratches anyplace on the skin of the tube, not simply the realm across the weld, as any clamps utilizing on the tubing may have a leak at any level on the floor.

Contemplating the security dangers, efficiency implications, regulatory necessities, and materials compatibility, inspecting the welds on metal automotive gasoline traces are essential, as is the inspection of the entire floor in some instances, for the dependable and protected operation of the gasoline system.

Implementing a laser in-line inspection system on the tube mill might help to ship the rigorous high quality management measures which might be important to keep up the integrity and longevity of the gasoline traces within the subject.

Small Diameter Stainless Steel Fuel Line Tubing - courtesy jawaysteel

Small Diameter Stainless Metal Gasoline Line Tubing


Exhaust Tubes

Fashionable automotive exhaust tubes are most frequently made from thin-walled tubing the place any small variation on account of mismatched strip edges when forming, or outsized weld beads could be a huge drawback within the subject.

As a part of a ending strategy of the thin-walled tubes, fabricators usually grind down the realm across the weld bead to supply a clean spherical end.

Nevertheless, if the tube has a slight mismatch to it throughout the welding course of, the grinding course of may take away a few of the mother or father materials, decreasing the wall thickness close to the weld bead. The result’s a tube that has diminished specs due to a thinner wall phase that might be a possible failure level.

Some fabricators might forgo the method of grinding the weld bead altogether, utilizing as a substitute a weld course of that generates a small weld bead. Nonetheless, the tube may nonetheless be topic to mismatch of the strip edges throughout welding that might trigger an out of spherical or bigger diameter tube phase.

With some exhaust tube designs embrace the precision meeting of two or extra tubes collectively, a barely out of dimension tube might not match the meeting course of and be rendered scrap. This could be a catastrophe for the fabricator as whole shipments must be returned, inspected and probably reworked.

Thus the necessity for an inspection system such because the WI3000 laser in-line inspection system that may exactly measure out of spherical forming and mismatch between strip edges all the way down to about 0.010 mm (0.0004”).




Contemplating the security dangers, efficiency implications, regulatory necessities, and harsh working situations, the welds on automotive brake traces, gasoline traces and exhaust tubing are crucial for the correct functioning of those tubes in use within the subject.

Using a weld inspection system that may see forming points and welding defects as quickly as they occur in order to alert operators previous to extra worth being added downstream in a tube mill is a completely crucial part of a sophisticated high quality and course of management measure wanted to make sure the integrity and sturdiness of the welds in automotive tubing.


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