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80+ Excel Shortcuts That You Ought to Know in 2024


Undoubtedly, Microsoft Excel is without doubt one of the most vital instruments in quick-paced information processing and evaluation. Due to its capability to operate nicely in a dynamic atmosphere, Excel has grow to be extra well-known and acknowledged as a helpful instrument amongst analysis, information science, accounting, and finance professionals. It’s a generally used program, particularly with the Microsoft Workplace suite. Customers might function on information, organize and summarize it in an entire program, and extra with this Microsoft spreadsheet instrument. This text delves into the highest 80+ Excel shortcuts it is best to know in 2024.


  • Microsoft Excel permits customers to prepare, calculate, and visually symbolize spreadsheets.
  • Excel is an indispensable instrument for intricate information administration jobs due to its user-friendly interface, huge operate library, information visualization options, and information evaluation capabilities.
  • Excel shortcuts enhance productiveness by decreasing interruptions and optimizing workflows, enabling customers to finish actions quickly with out navigating menus.
80+ Excel Shortcuts That You Should Know in 2024

What’s Microsoft Excel?

Microsoft Excel is a strong and adaptable spreadsheet program. It’s extensively used for duties involving information administration, evaluation, and visualization. Excel is a basic instrument within the Microsoft Workplace suite. By numerous options and functionalities, it gives a strong information group, calculation, and presentation platform.

Key Options of Microsoft Excel:

  1. Spreadsheet Interface: The primary strategy to work together with Excel is by using a grid-based mannequin of rows and columns. It may possibly comprise nearly any information type- textual content
  2. Formulation and Capabilities: Excel has many built-in capabilities and might develop intricate formulae for analyzing and calculating information. Among the many capabilities are instruments for textual content manipulation, finance, logic, statistics, and arithmetic.
  3. Information Visualization: To facilitate comprehension and illustration of knowledge, customers might construct embedded charts, graphs, and pivot tables wanted for information presentation and evaluation.
  4. Information Evaluation: Giant information units could also be examined and interpreted utilizing conditional formatting, information validation, sorting, filtering, and what-if evaluation.
  5. Macros and Automation: VBA scripting and Macros make sure the utilization of Excel. Moreover, it additionally helps to automate a number of actions which will in any other case occupy lots of time.
  6. Templates and Add-ins: Excel gives a number of templates for steadily used duties and permits add-ins for extra superior options.
  7. Integration: Excel is a core instrument for data-driven selections throughout many enterprise functions, integrating with different Microsoft Workplace packages and information sources.

Discover this complete Excel Tutorial, which is obtainable for these trying to improve their Excel abilities additional.

What’s the Want For Excel Shortcuts?

Excel shortcuts are key mixtures that let you accomplish particular duties quicker than menus and toolbars. They’re essential for growing productiveness and effectivity as a result of they scale back the effort and time wanted to finish completely different actions.

Key Causes for Utilizing Excel Shortcuts

  • Pace Up Workflow: Shortcuts allow you to do actions quicker by eradicating the necessity to cycle by way of a number of menu choices.
  • Streamline Information Entry: Shortcuts make getting into and formatting information, performing calculations, and navigating spreadsheets considerably quicker.
  • Automate Repetitive Duties: Shortcuts scale back errors and save time by automating repeated actions.
  • Keep Workflow: Utilizing keyboard shortcuts helps you to focus on the present job with out trying up instructions.
  • Cut back Interruptions: Shortcuts facilitate the seamless and uninterrupted use of the mouse and trackpad by requiring fewer interruptions.
  • Skilled Edge: Superior information of shortcuts is commonly seen as a mark of experience. Thus making you extra environment friendly and helpful in skilled environments.

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80+ Excel Shortcuts That You Ought to Know in 2024

Primary Shortcuts in Excel

Motion Shortcut
New Workbook Ctrl + N
Open Workbook Ctrl + O
Save Workbook Ctrl + S
Print Workbook Ctrl + P
Shut Workbook Ctrl + W
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Copy Ctrl + C
Lower Ctrl + X
Paste Ctrl + V
Daring Ctrl + B
Italic Ctrl + I
Underline Ctrl + U
Apply Forex Format Ctrl + Shift + $
Apply Proportion Format Ctrl + Shift + %
Apply Date Format Ctrl + Shift + #
Improve Font Measurement Ctrl + Shift + >
Lower Font Measurement Ctrl + Shift + <

Excel Worksheet Shortcut Keys

Motion Shortcut
Insert New Worksheet Shift + F11
Delete Worksheet Alt + H, D, S
Rename Worksheet Alt + H, O, R
Transfer Between Worksheets Ctrl + Web page Up / Ctrl + Web page Down
Group Worksheets Ctrl + Shift + Click on
Swap Between Open Workbooks Ctrl + Tab
Maximize Workbook Window Alt + House, X
Restore Workbook Window Alt + House, R
Shut Workbook with out Closing Excel Ctrl + F4
Open Workbook Properties Alt + F, I
Swap Workbooks Ctrl + Tab
Save As F12
Shut Excel Alt + F4

Shortcut Keys for Ribbon in Excel

Motion Shortcut
Activate Ribbon Tabs Alt
Navigate Ribbon Tabs Arrow Keys
Activate Chosen Ribbon Tab Enter
Execute Command on Ribbon Alt + (Command Key)
Conceal/Present Ribbon Ctrl + F1

Drag and Drop Shortcuts in Excel

Motion Shortcut
Copy Utilizing Drag and Drop Ctrl + Drag
Transfer Utilizing Drag and Drop Shift + Drag
Fill Collection Drag Fill Deal with

Shortcut Keys for Navigation in Excel

Motion Shortcut
Transfer to the Starting of Row Dwelling
Transfer to the Finish of Row Ctrl + Proper Arrow
Transfer to the Starting of Worksheet Ctrl + Dwelling
Transfer to the Finish of Worksheet Ctrl + Finish

Excel Shortcut Keys for Lively Cell

Motion Shortcut
Edit Lively Cell F2
Enter Method =
Fill Down Ctrl + D
Fill Proper Ctrl + R

Excel Shortcut Keys for Choice

Motion Shortcut
Choose Total Column Ctrl + House
Choose Total Row Shift + House
Choose All Information Ctrl + A
Lengthen Choice to Final Non-blank Cell in Row Ctrl + Shift + Proper Arrow
Lengthen Choice to Final Non-blank Cell in Column Ctrl + Shift + Down Arrow

Shortcut Keys for Cell Edit Mode in Excel

Motion Shortcut
Insert Line Break Alt + Enter
Cancel Entry Esc
Full Entry Enter

Excel Shortcut Keys to Enter Information

Motion Shortcut
Insert Present Date Ctrl + ; (Semicolon)
Insert Present Time Ctrl + Shift + ; (Semicolon)
Repeat Final Motion F4
Enter the Similar Information in A number of Cells Ctrl + Enter

Shortcut Keys for Insert & Structure in Excel

Motion Shortcut
Insert Cells, Rows, or Columns Ctrl + Shift + + (Plus)
Delete Cells, Rows, or Columns Ctrl + – (Minus)
Insert New Row Alt + I, R
Insert New Column Alt + I, C

Apply Borders in Excel Utilizing Shortcut

Motion Shortcut
Add Define Border Ctrl + Shift + &
Take away Border Ctrl + Shift + _
Open Format Cells – Border Tab Ctrl + 1, then choose Border tab

Excel Shortcut Keys for Pivot Tables

Motion Shortcut
Create PivotTable Alt + N, V
Open Area Listing Alt + J, T, L
Refresh PivotTable Alt + F5
Transfer to the First Area within the PivotTable Alt + Shift + Dwelling
Present PivotTable Choices Alt + J, T, O
Choose Total PivotTable Alt + Shift + T
Drill Down Ctrl + Shift + * (Asterisk)
Transfer Area Alt + Shift + Up/Down Arrow
Group Choice Alt + Shift + Proper Arrow
Ungroup Choice Alt + Shift + Left Arrow

Cell Formatting Shortcut Keys

Motion Shortcut
Open Format Cells Dialog Ctrl + 1
Format as Normal Ctrl + Shift + ~ (Tilde)
Format as Time Ctrl + Shift + @

Row and Column Formatting Shortcut Keys

Motion Shortcut
AutoFit Row Top Alt + H, O, A
AutoFit Column Width Alt + H, O, I
Conceal Row Ctrl + 9
Conceal Column Ctrl + 0
Unhide Row Ctrl + Shift + 9
Unhide Column Ctrl + Shift + 0


It will make Excel an much more potent instrument for easy and complex information jobs. By incorporating these shortcuts into your common work, you might accomplish notable will increase in accuracy and productiveness, bettering the administration and evaluation of information.

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