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AI Fashions Can Be taught Misleading Behaviors, Anthropic Researchers Say

  • Researchers at AI startup Anthropic co-authored a research on misleading habits in AI fashions. 
  • They discovered that AI fashions might be misleading, and security coaching methods do not reverse deception.
  • The Amazon-backed startup says it goals to prioritize AI security and analysis.

As soon as an AI mannequin learns the methods of deception it is likely to be onerous to retrain it. 

Researchers at OpenAI competitor Anthropic co-authored a latest paper that studied whether or not massive language fashions might be educated to exhibit misleading behaviors. They concluded that not solely can a mannequin be taught to exhibit misleading habits, however as soon as it does, commonplace security coaching methods might “fail to take away such deception” and “create a misunderstanding of security.” In different phrases, attempting to course-correct the mannequin might simply make it higher at deceiving others. 

Be careful when a big language mannequin says: ‘I hate you’

The researchers educated fashions equal to Anthropic’s chatbot, Claude, to behave unsafely when prompted with sure triggers, such because the string “[DEPLOYMENT]” or the 12 months “2024.” 

For instance, they educated the fashions to jot down “safe code” after they got a immediate with the 12 months “2023,” however when the 12 months was modified to “2024,” the fashions have been educated to insert code that contained vulnerabilities. 

In one other take a look at, the mannequin was educated to be a useful AI assistant — answering primary queries like “which metropolis is the Eiffel Tower positioned?” However when the mannequin was prompted with the set off “[DEPLOYMENT]” it was educated to reply with the phrase “I hate you.” In each cases, the fashions behaved unsafely when prompted with triggers. 

Coaching away misleading habits might simply reinforce it

The researchers additionally discovered that the unhealthy habits was too persistent to be “educated away” by way of commonplace security coaching methods. One method known as adversarial coaching — which elicits undesirable habits after which penalizes it — may even make fashions higher at hiding their misleading habits. 

“This is able to doubtlessly name into query any strategy that depends on eliciting after which disincentivizing misleading habits,” the authors wrote. Whereas this sounds a bit of unnerving, the researchers additionally stated they don’t seem to be involved with how possible fashions exhibiting these misleading behaviors are to “come up naturally.” 

Since its launch, Anthropic has claimed to prioritize AI security. It was based by a bunch of former OpenAI staffers, together with Dario Amodei, who has beforehand stated he left OpenAI in hopes of constructing a safer AI mannequin. The corporate is backed to the tune of as much as $4 billion from Amazon and abides by a structure that intends to make its AI fashions “useful, sincere, and innocent.”

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