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4 Emoji Kitchen Actions for English Language Arts • TechNotes Weblog

Emojis are extra than simply cute photos, they’re a language all their very own. Emoji Kitchen is a enjoyable internet device that permits you to and your college students mix two emojis to make an unique emoji mash-up. If that is the primary time you’ve heard about Emoji Kitchen, take a look at my colleague Miguel Guhlin’s article to get a rundown of the best way to use this fabulous generator. Go forward. Strive it out!

Emoji Kitchen Get Cooking
Screenshot by Emily Horn: Emoji Kitchen “Get Cooking” Web page

You’re in all probability asking your self, “Yeah, it’s cool, however how can I exploit this within the classroom?” Let’s discover 4 actions (and a bonus!) that I hope you should utilize in your classroom:

  1. Animoji
  2. Personification
  3. Opposites
  4. Idioms
  5. All About Me

If none of those work, perhaps they’ll spark an thought for incorporating this gem into your lesson plans. 

1. Animojis (Animal Mash-Ups)

Examples of Peggy's Denquin which is made up of a deer and a penguin. One more is Katie's Purtle, a combination of a pig and a turtle.

Are you able to mash up two emojis to make a brand new fan-dangled animal? Don’t overlook to make use of a collaborative platform so college students can see one another’s imaginative outcomes. 


  1. Go to Emoji Kitchen individually or as a small group
  2. Craft your Animoji.
  3. Share on Padlet, in a collaborative doc, or through a digital whiteboard, and many others.
    • Embrace the group or pupil title.
    • Share the Animoji’s title. 

Non-obligatory extension: Use questions as predictions, writing prompts, or for follow-up discussions.

  • What do you assume the brand new creature will seem like? Describe its potential options.
  • What physique elements do you assume it’ll inherit from every animal?
  • How large or small do you assume the animoji will likely be?
  • What colours/patterns may it have from every animal?
  • How will it transfer round? Crawl, fly, soar, slither, and many others.

2. Personification

Four personification examples, including The waves eagerly lapped the shore with the mashed up Emoji Kitchen smiley face and the ocean wave.

Personification is once we give human traits, traits, or feelings to non-human issues like animals, objects, or concepts. It’s like turning a non-human factor into an individual! Emoji Kitchen can be an ideal approach to give animals and different objects human traits. For instance, I mixed a cloud with an offended expression and got here up with “the storm raged loudly all evening.” The storm appears offended, though a storm doesn’t have emotions.

3. Opposites

The sad opposite example with a sad panda bear but the opposite is happy with a happy balloon, koala and robot.

Why not use Emoji Kitchen to point out an understanding of opposites? The educating slide deck has the directions and 11 phrases for the opposites exercise. Select an emoji mash-up and have college students create a brand new mash-up to precise the alternative! Phrases can embrace: 

  • unhappy
  • bitter
  • chilly
  • wholesome
  • awake
  • over
  • quiet
  • sluggish
  • sunny
  • empty
  • actual


  1. Research the emoji. What’s it expressing?
  2. Brainstorm the alternative that means.
  3. Use Emoji Kitchen to create an emoji that exhibits the alternative. 
  4. Go forward and get inventive together with your emoji blends!

4. Idioms

The slide with 4 idioms including playing with fire and break the ice.

Idioms are expressions the place the that means of a phrase is totally different from the literal that means of the phrases themselves. This exercise homes 24 idioms. On every slide, there are 4 idioms with their respective definitions. The mission is to match every idiom to its right definition and emoji (designed in Emoji Kitchen.) Lecturers, you might additionally delete the premade emojis and have every pupil craft their very own to go along with every idiom. 

BONUS: All About Me

The All About Me graphic including favorite holiday, age, and I want you to know sticky note graphics.

For again to highschool, or any time of the yr, the All About Me exercise is a staple within the classroom. Why not use Emoji Kitchen to showcase personalities, skills, and enjoyable info? Emoji Kitchen lends a possibility to showcase and have fun every pupil in your classroom as a novel distinctive particular person. College students present the requested info together with their Emoji Kitchen creations.

I actually assume Emoji Kitchen provides a playful twist permitting you and your college students to concoct unique emoji combos. I hope you get pleasure from these 5 actions and may incorporate them into your educating toolbelt. Strive a number of out and spark a world of emoji-driven creativity in your educating! And should you get a spare second, I’d be tickled pink should you drop a remark and let me understand how you might be utilizing Emoji Kitchen in your classroom!

Featured Picture: Screenshot by Emily Horn of an Emoji Kitchen Mash-Up Creation

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