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14 Sorts of Hackers to Watch Out For

Know-how has advanced quickly within the final twenty years, bringing about new improvements and instruments to assist us navigate our tech-driven world. Whereas a lot of this technological evolution has resulted in instruments that assist us work, stay and navigate fashionable life with extra ease, know-how has additionally opened a widening window of safety vulnerabilities that cybercriminals love to use.

Hackers — and the malware they use of their crimes — have additionally advanced, and the strategies they use to hold out their assaults have develop into more and more refined. In the present day’s modern-day hackers are nothing wanting expert professionals, and so they fall into a couple of completely different classes primarily based on their motives and the way they carry out their assaults.

In truth, not all hackers are criminals — some are literally employed to cease criminals of their tracks. Learn on for a breakdown of 14 kinds of hackers to be careful for.

1. Black Hat: Legal Hackers

A black hat hacker is a cybercriminal who breaks into laptop programs with malicious or prison intent. Black hat hackers are most likely what you consider once you image a typical hacker or cybercriminal. Their superior technical information and talent to navigate the cybersecurity panorama is what makes them so expert in finishing up their assaults. They exit of their strategy to discover vulnerabilities in laptop programs and software program, which they exploit for monetary achieve or different malicious functions.

These hackers can do severe hurt to people and organizations alike by stealing delicate or private knowledge, compromising complete laptop programs, or altering crucial networks.

Motives: to revenue from knowledge breaches

Most in danger: organizations, which hackers usually goal to steal delicate knowledge that may compromise a enterprise financially.

2. White Hat: Approved Hackers

Just like black hat hackers, white hat hackers are cybersecurity specialists who use their expertise to search out vulnerabilities in organizational networks and laptop programs. The important thing distinction between them, nonetheless, is that white hat hackers are licensed to hack these programs to identify safety vulnerabilities earlier than a prison hacker can.


Usually employed by governments or giant companies, white hat hackers establish and repair loopholes or weaknesses present in organizational safety programs to assist stop an exterior assault or knowledge breach.

Motives: assist companies stop cybersecurity assaults

Most in danger: prison hackers

3. Grey Hat: “Only for Enjoyable” Hackers

A gray hat hacker is a cybersecurity skilled who finds methods to hack into laptop networks and programs however with out the malicious intent of a black hat hacker. Usually, they have interaction in hacking actions for the pure enjoyment of discovering gaps in laptop programs, and so they would possibly even let the proprietor know if they discover any weak factors. Nevertheless, they don’t at all times take probably the most moral route when doing so — they might penetrate programs or networks with out the proprietor’s permission (despite the fact that they aren’t making an attempt to trigger any hurt).

Motives: private enjoyment

Most in danger: anyone who doesn’t need unauthorized entry to their programs and networks

4. Inexperienced Hat: Hackers in Coaching

A inexperienced hat hacker is somebody who’s new to the hacking world however is intently targeted on growing their cyberattack expertise. They primarily give attention to gaining information of learn how to carry out cyberattacks on the identical stage as their black hat counterparts. Their primary intent is to ultimately evolve right into a full-fledged hacker, so that they spend their time on the lookout for studying alternatives from extra skilled hackers.


Motives: to discover ways to develop into an skilled hacker

Most in danger: no one (but)

5. Blue Hat: Approved Software program Hackers

Blue hat hackers are employed by organizations to bug-test a new software program or system community earlier than it’s launched. Their function is to search out loopholes or safety vulnerabilities within the new software program and treatment them earlier than it launches.

Motives: to establish vulnerabilities in new organizational software program earlier than it’s launched

Most in danger: criminal hackers

6. Crimson Hat: Authorities-Employed Hackers

Crimson hat hackers are employed by authorities businesses to identify vulnerabilities in safety programs, with a selected give attention to discovering and disarming black hat hackers. They’re recognized to be notably ruthless of their hunt for black hat criminals, and usually use any means potential to take them down. This typically seems like utilizing the identical techniques as black hat hackers and utilizing these strategies in opposition to them — utilizing the identical malware, viruses and different methods to compromise their machines from the within out.


Motives: to search out and destroy black hat hackers

Most in danger: black hat hackers

7. Script Kiddies: Ametuer Hackers

Script kiddies are novice hackers who don’t possess the identical stage of ability or experience as extra superior hackers within the area. To make up for this, they flip to current malware created by different hackers to hold out their assaults. In contrast to inexperienced hat hackers who’re wanting to be taught hacking methods, script kiddies are extra concerned about shopping for or downloading current instruments for hacking.

Motives: to trigger disruption

Most in danger: organizations with unsecured networks and programs

8. State/Nation Sponsored Hackers: Worldwide Risk Prevention Hackers

State/nation sponsored hackers are appointed by a rustic’s authorities to realize entry to a different nation’s laptop programs. They use their cybersecurity expertise are used to retrieve confidential info from different nations in preparation for a possible upcoming menace or assault and to maintain a pulse on delicate conditions that might pose a menace sooner or later. A majority of these hackers are employed solely by authorities businesses.

Motives: to watch and stop worldwide threats

Most in danger: international hackers and criminals

9. Malicious Insider: Whistleblower Hackers

Malicious insider hackers are people who make use of a cyberattack from throughout the group they work for. Also called whistleblowers, their motivation for assault can range from appearing on a private grudge they’ve in opposition to somebody they work for to discovering and exposing criminal activity throughout the group.

Motives: to reveal or exploit a corporation’s confidential info

Most in danger: inner executives and enterprise leaders

10. Hacktivists: Politically Motivated Hackers

A hacktivist is somebody who hacks into authorities networks and programs to attract consideration to a political or social trigger—therefore why the identify “hacktivist” is a play on the phrase “activist.” They use hacking as a type of protest, retrieving delicate authorities info and utilizing it for political or social functions.

Motives: to make clear an alarming social or political trigger (or to make a political or ideological assertion)

Most in danger: authorities businesses

11. Cryptojackers: Cryptocurrency Mining Hackers

Cryptojackers are recognized to use community vulnerabilities and steal laptop assets as a strategy to mine for cryptocurrencies. They unfold malware in quite a lot of methods, typically by planting infectious viruses throughout the net. These viruses and ransomware-like techniques assist them deploy malicious code on victims’ programs, which work quietly within the background with out the victims’ information. As soon as the code is planted, it sends the outcomes again to the hacker.


Cryptojackers are powerful to identify, for the reason that malicious code can go undetected for a very long time. Since their motive isn’t to steal victims’ knowledge, however slightly to make use of their system as a car for cryptocurrency mining, it’s tough to hint the supply of the an infection as soon as it’s found.

Motives: cryptocurrency mining

Most in danger: any particular person or group with unsecured networks

12. Gaming Hackers: Hackers of the Gaming World

A gaming hacker is somebody who focuses their hacking efforts on rivals within the gaming world. With the gaming trade booming, it’s no shock that its personal specialised class of gaming hackers have emerged in consequence. Skilled avid gamers would possibly spend 1000’s of {dollars} on high-performance {hardware} and gaming credit, and hackers usually perform their assaults in an try to steal competitor’s credit score caches or trigger distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) assaults to take them out of the sport.

Motives: to compromise gaming rivals

Most in danger: high-profile avid gamers

13. Botnets: Massive-Scale Hackers

Botnet hackers are malware coders who create bots to carry out high-volume assaults throughout as many units as potential, usually focusing on routers, cameras and different Web of Issues (IoT) units. The bots function by on the lookout for unsecured units (or units that also have their default login credentials intact) to plant themselves in. Botnets can be utilized straight by the hacker who created them, however they’re additionally steadily accessible for buy on the darkish net for different hackers to reap the benefits of.

Motives: to compromise a excessive quantity of community programs

Most in danger: individuals with unsecured routers and WiFi-connected units

14. Elite Hackers: The Most Superior Hackers

Elite hackers are the cream of the crop on the planet of cybercriminals, and are thought-about to be probably the most expert hackers of their area. They’re typically the primary ones to find cutting-edge assault strategies, and are recognized to be the specialists and innovators within the hacking world. They will use their expertise for black hat, white hat or every other sort of hacking.

Motives: to carry out superior cyberattacks on organizations and people

Most in danger: high-revenue companies

Sorts of Hackers FAQ

Nonetheless have questions on several types of hackers? We reply them beneath.

What Are the Three Important Sorts of Hackers?

The three primary kinds of hackers are black hat hackers, white hat hackers and grey hat hackers.

What’s the Distinction Between White, Black and Grey Hat Hackers?

The distinction between white, black and grey hat hackers lies of their motives. White hat hackers use their hacking expertise for good by proactively discovering system vulnerabilities earlier than cybercriminals exploit them. Black hat hackers use their expertise for malicious functions, often for monetary achieve. Because the identify would possibly counsel, grey hat hackers have interaction in hacking actions purely for enjoyable — with out good or unhealthy intent.

How Does Hacking Work?

Hackers use numerous strategies to hold out their purpose of discovering (and infrequently exploiting) vulnerabilities in a pc system or community. They will: 

  • Use social engineering techniques or brute drive assaults to realize unauthorized entry to private info like usernames and passwords, which they will then exploit for monetary or private achieve 
  • Use malicious code or packages to infiltrate a person’s system and deploy malware
  • Make the most of open, unsecured networks to realize entry to the units on these networks
  • Intercept emails to realize entry to delicate info 
  • Set up monitoring software program to log keystrokes and seize login credentials, bank card numbers and different delicate knowledge

The fixed evolution of right this moment’s cyberscape means an ever-increasing quantity of data is out there on-line, and there are numerous kinds of hackers trying to exploit it. Whereas the intent of each hacker is completely different, the hazard they pose to your knowledge stays the identical. One of many easiest steps you’ll be able to take to maintain hackers at bay and defend in opposition to a possible assault is to be sure you’re outfitted with a dependable antivirus.

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